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In addition, the company signed deals with insurers that lowered the insurance portion of Lipitor costs so that the costs equaled that of a generic. Despite the introduction of generic medications from Ranbaxy Laboratories and Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc, on November 30, , Pfizer retained , patients—much fewer than were taking the drug before the generic introduction, but better than its anticipated loss.

The coupon programs are only valid with private insurance or for those without insurance, meaning patients with Medicare or other government health insurance cannot use them.

Generic Lipitor Warning: Manufacturer Halts Production of Drug

Some companies have instituted policies requiring patients to pay fees for staying on a brand-name drug. Kaiser Health News. Accessed July 5, Los Angeles Times. California Healthline. Risk Management and Healthcare Policy. Washington Post. California Health Care Foundation. New England Journal of Medicine. The Orange County Register. Accessed July 6, Los Angeles Daily News. Lawmakers Need to Find Out. Has addiction stolen your loved one?

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Take action and call or fill out this form to speak with a Treatment Consultant about our drug rehab center or one of our facilities across the United States. Call Click here to learn more about Laguna Treatment Hospital. Find Fast. Bait-and-Switch California and Pharmaceutical Corporations.

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  4. There are many different parts to Medicare; with all of these options, it can be confusing. To read today's top news stories on federal employee pay, benefits, retirement, job rights and other workplace issues visit FederalDaily. Previous Topic Next Topic. I know things are changing daily. While I was banned from getting another gift card at CVS I'm unbanned now there is a lot of fine print on those coupons. I had a technician tell me if you ever tried the medicine before you are not eligible for the gift card.

    You just can't fill or transfer the same medicine at the same chain. Rite Aid tried to tell me something similar. Plus that stuff made me hurt! Of course we have private group health plans partly paid by the Government, not sure if it is a subsidy, it could be? Why are they picking on Walgreens is what I want to know?

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    CVS is the coupon king and Rite Aid is just plain wrong? I wonder if the Walgreens security or worse yet the DOJ will contact those who have benefited. All this in the name of fraud? I had a Doctor who billed and highly paid by the word and or symptom.

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    Thanks again! On the surface, it seems like they want to promote access to those who otherwise could not afford the medicine, but in reality, they exist to combat transitions to generics. FEHB national plans are experience rated.

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    That means that premiums are set based on claims. GEHA is a non-profit, member-owned organization.

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    Costs for the generic via Medco mail order would be even better for the plan. When the plan saves, all plan members save. Prescription costs are a large chunk of FEHB spending. Think about doing your part! BTW, Pfizer even makes one of the generic Atorvastatin. BTW, Pfizer even makes one of the generic Atorvastatin Unfortunately, some people like me have side effects from the generic lipitor. You should be able to take what you want, and pay extra accordingly. Also many people claim that generics cause side effects, yet these pharmaceuticals are made by multiple manufacturers?